March 13, 2022


1:00 pm

registration is closed.
update: the coffee shop unfortunately will not be open. we apologize for the inconvenience.

A yeshiva offered by BHS and gATEWAY CHURCH

We hear and tell the whole Megillah of Esther each year. At the Storying with Esther yeshiva Sunday, March 13, from 1:00pm-5:30pm, Dr. Bill Bjoraker, professor at The King’s University/The King’s Jewish Voice, will use the story of Esther in teaching professional Bible storytelling methods. The Bible is G-d’s Story and Yeshua used storytelling to share His story. Come to the yeshiva and learn how easy it is to share G-d’s story with others.

This yeshiva will consist mostly of workshop-style teaching and will not be live-streamed.

Registration closes at 5:30pm March 9.
Click the registration link for pricing info. Please Note: Non-members of BHS must register themselves and children as “Individuals”.

After March 2, childcare registration closes and yeshiva prices increase. No registrations on Sunday, March 13.




The Coffee Shop will be open from 12:00pm-1:00pm before the yeshiva.


Childcare for ages 2-9 is available for members and non-members if registering by March 2; all other children must stay in the yeshiva with their parents.
BHS Member Family registration includes free childcare (if registering by March 2). Non-members must register their children as “Individuals” and indicate they want childcare (if registering by March 2).

the fine print:

Registrations are only complete once full payment is received. Your discounted total, if applicable, will show on the final payment page. Prices will increase by $10 after March 2. Childcare registration ends March 2; adult registration ends at 5:30pm March 9. No registrations on Sunday, March 13.
This yeshiva will not be live-streamed.