Bikkur Cholim is Hebrew for “visiting the sick”. In Judaism it is considered a mitzvah, a commandment, appropriate for all to perform. At Baruch HaShem we consider it important enough to dedicate a group to provide this service for our kehilah, our faith community. This is most often done when someone is in the hospital or a rehab facility.

People rarely ask for a hospital visitation but will call the BHS office requesting prayer for a loved one. This gets passed on to all of our prayer ministries, including the leaders of our Hospital Ministry Team. Someone will then follow up with whoever made the request to see if a hospital visitation is appropriate.

Members of the Hospital Ministry Team must be members of Baruch HaShem and be called to visit with and pray for the sick. In Matthew 25, Yeshua equated visiting the sick to visiting Him. So, when we serve our members in this way we are serving our Lord as well. And, we are providing a blessing for all of them.  A visit from a member of BHS can provide great comfort and encouragement when we or our loved ones are hospitalized.

If you or a loved one is in need of this service, please contact us!

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