The Children’s B’nei Mitzvah Program is designed for, and open to, all children ages 10 to 13.  However, participation in the program is required for any child who desires to complete the Bar/Bat Mitzvah training and make Aliyah to the Torah.  The program builds upon previous training and seeks to prepare children to participate in synagogue life in terms of prayer and service at age 13.

The Children’s B’nei Mitzvah Program is designed to facilitate the educational, personal, and spiritual development of the students through the following areas:

  • Hebrew Training – All children may begin Biblical Hebrew training at age 10.  It is necessary that students have a good grasp on reading and are able to fully participate in a classroom setting by this age.  Each child begins with learning the Alef Bet and progresses through 3 additional classes in which the language is further developed through the study of various prayers and blessings.  The last class of the program includes learning the methods of cantillation.  

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  • Jewish Studies Class – The Jewish Studies class is a 4-semester class that seeks to provide the student with a firm foundation of the Scriptures, Foundations of the Faith, History of the Jewish People, The Life of Messiah, and an understanding of the Feasts and Festivals.  Students begin this class when they are age 10.  This class is required for students desiring to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah but is open to all children ages 10-12. 
  • Mitzvah Projects – The program also offers all students to participate in projects of “good deeds”.  While the word “mitzvah” means “commandment”, the idea of doing a mitzvah or mitzvot is the idea of expressing the will of G-d through the act of service.  It is a way to build upon the ideas and principles of ministry that is desired of all G-d’s children.
  • Service Projects – The Children’s B’nei Mitzvah Coordinator will apprise students, at the appropriate age, of ministry within the congregation in which children can serve.

* In addition to the above requirements the student desiring to become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and their parent/guardian(s) will:

  • Attend the B’nei Mitzvah Program orientation held each August and January.
  • Attend a meeting (parents and student) with the B’nei Mitzvah Coordinator.  During this meeting the requirements of the program will be discussed, the student’s birth portion will be determined, the Aliyah date will be assigned, and the details of a simcha will be discussed.  
  • Attend two Drash Writing Workshops.
  • Write a drash regarding their assigned Torah reading.
  • Meet with an assigned Rabbi.
  • Attend an Aliyah rehearsal.

This program is run every semester (Fall & Spring) according to the Shabbat School schedule. Come to the Lamed Room at 9:30am on Shabbats during the Shabbat School semester to learn more about enrolling.



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