BHS Kids – Jr. Shabbat

BHS Kids Jr. Shabbat is offered during the Fall/Spring semester.  Each Shabbat during the semester, after the worship and Torah reading, the children will be called up, prayed over and dismissed to attend Jr. Shabbat.  Jr. Shabbat is geared towards children ages 6-9 and provides a place for children to learn about the weekly Torah portion.

Why doesn’t Jr. Shabbat start at 10:40 AM?

We want our children to experience worship with their families and the larger community.  We feel it is important that children be part of our communal worship from the songs, dances and liturgical prayers.

Who teaches Jr. Shabbat?

Mannika Raven is the leader of our Children’s ministry.  She and her team of capable volunteers lead and teach the children each week.

Is there anything for my child in the morning, before service?

Yes, we offer Shabbat school classes for all children during the Fall/Spring Semester.

Is there anything for my child during the week? 

Yes, we offer Wednesday night classes for all children.

Visit the Children’s Ministry to learn more about our mission, volunteer needs or to ask a question!

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