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Baruch HaShem seeks to further the Kingdom of G-D by being a Messiah-centered community of Jews and Gentiles working together to shine forth the light of Yeshua, both in the Jewish Community and in the Greater DFW area. We endeavor to nurture and grow Jewish followers of Yeshua in their Jewish identity and create a place where Christians may reconnect with the Jewish roots of their faith. Together, this reconciled Messianic community can witness to G-D’s faithfulness toward the people of Israel and toward the nations.

The Jewishness of Biblical faith in Messiah Yeshua is expressed at Baruch HaShem through Torah reading, observance of the Biblical feast and fast days, teaching of Scripture from a Jewish perspective, Messianic praise music and Davidic dance. We seek to explore the Jewish roots of our faith and to foster a loving sensitivity to the Jewish people. Our desire is to daily seek first the kingdom of G-D and His righteousness, and to share our faith with all men in a culturally sensitive way.

Our Leadership

Rabbi Ari Waldman

Ari Waldman

senior Rabbi & elder

Rabbi Ari was born and raised in North Texas. His parents, Rabbi Marty and Marleen, were the founders of Baruch HaShem. Ari grew up very involved in congregational life at Baruch HaShem. He lived abroad in 2002 as a part of a discipleship program that included bringing humanitarian aid to unreached areas.

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Rabbi Shawn Moir

Shawn Moir

Rabbi & elder

Rabbi Shawn was born and raised in Long Island, New York. He came to faith while studying aviation in college. Valoreena, who would become his wife, helped to lead Shawn to faith.

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Marty Waldman

Elder & Founding Rabbi

Dave Pyles

Executive Elder

Barry Bruff


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