Rabbi Ari Waldman

About Ari

Rabbi Ari was born and raised in North Texas. His parents, Rabbi Marty and Marleen, were the founders of Baruch HaShem. Ari grew up very involved in congregational life at Baruch HaShem. He lived abroad in 2002 as a part of a discipleship program that included bringing humanitarian aid to unreached areas.

Ari developed a love of flying from a young age. He took his first flight in a small aircraft by age 15. Ari pursued his love of aviation and graduated Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a B.S. in Aviation Science. After graduation, he worked in the aviation industry for several years.

In 2012, Ari left his career in aviation, joined the staff at Baruch HaShem, and married his wife, Brittany. While serving at Baruch HaShem, he attended The King’s University and graduated with an M.Div. in Messianic Jewish Studies. He became senior rabbi of Baruch HaShem in 2017.

Ari and Brittany have three children and enjoy spending time with their family. Ari enjoys connecting with local businesses (especially coffee shops!), reading, nature, bike riding, and finding the best BBQ restaurants.