Adult Shabbat Morning

Every Shabbat morning during the Fall/Spring semester, we provide classes for adults to help equip and encourage spiritual growth.

Fall 2021 Adult Classes:

9:30-10:20am Shabbat Mornings
August 14 – December 11*
*except September 11 and November 27

Restoring Unity – Samech Room
This is a video course taught by Fr. Peter Hocken.
This course on Restoring Unity focuses on the framework for understanding God’s work as it concerns the Messianic movement and the healing of the historical division between the Church and the Jewish people. We will investigate early Christian church movements and false teachings that contributed to the divisions, including the notion of Replacement Theology –the idea that God has rejected the Jews because they rejected Yeshua. The Protestant Reformation, the subsequent rise of denominations, the modern renewal of the Catholic Church and the Ecumenical Movement will be explored along with the impact of denominations such as the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements. Finally, we will discuss the groundbreaking importance of TJCII, an initiative that has to do with the Church of the One New Man, of Jew and Gentile together reconciled, made one by Yeshua.

Estudio de Romanos salón chaverah hall
La clase no se reunirá el 18 de septiembre, el 25 de septiembre y el 2 de octubre.
Estudio do la carta de Rav Shaul a los Romanos desde una perspectiva mesiánica. El propósito de este estudio es obtener una visión mesiánica de la carta más completa del Brit Hadasha. Las sesiones constarán de enseñanza acompañada de discusiones en grupo.

New Members Class – Mem/Nun Rooms
If you are interested in becoming a member of Baruch Hashem, then this class is for you. This class requires registration.

Torah Reading GroupJr. High Classroom                                                                                All students who are currently enrolled in the BHS Hebrew Program (Biblical Hebrew 1B or higher) or have graduated from the BHS Hebrew Program are invited to join the Torah Reading Group.  Each Shabbat, students will gather together and practice reading the Torah in Hebrew.  This is an intermediate-advanced level class and registration is required here.

In addition to our weekly classes for adults, we also have our Shabbat morning Children’s Classes, Bagel Nosh and Prayer.

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