Adult Shabbat Morning

Every Shabbat morning during the Fall/Spring semester, we provide classes for adults to help equip and encourage spiritual growth.

Spring 2024 Adult Classes:

9:30-10:20am Shabbat Mornings
January 20 – May 11*
*except April 27

New Members Class – Mem/Nun Rooms

Are you interested in joining Baruch HaShem? Our 15-week New Members Class will provide the history of our congregation as well as background information into Messianic Judaism. The class includes a mandatory “Vision Class” that will be held Sunday, February 11. The New Members class requires registration here.

Tanakh Historical Survey – Samech Room

This is a video course taught by Dr. Jonathan Gannon.

This course is a historical survey and designed to introduce the student to the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible). The course will lead the student on a journey of understanding the historical and cultural backgrounds of the Hebrew Bible, biblical genres, book-specific themes, Ruach haKodesh inspired authorship, and the illumined Messianic message of Yeshua, as prophetically revealed in the Tanakh.

In addition to our weekly classes for adults, we also have our Shabbat morning Children’s Classes, Bagel Nosh and Prayer.

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