The Baruch HaShem Drama Ministry is here to teach and promote Bible life application lessons through dramatic art interpretation.  We use the department to train and develop our children, youth and even adults with skills that help not only on the stage but that can be carried into life.

This ministry links spiritual gifts, professional training, natural skills and creative abilities together, all for the Glory of G-D.

The Drama Ministry uses all talents and gifts of those whom G-D has granted the abilities to talk, walk, dance, draw, sew, play a musical instrument, sing, signing, crafts, woodworks, faith, teaching, praying, and having a willing spirit and heart, along with any other special blessings from G-D. The Drama Ministry is used for bringing stories from the Bible to life and other stories that reflect the history of our people.  It is a great place to start out at Baruch HaShem as it is easy to join and we’ll make sure you feel welcome.

Our mission is to tell these stories and have them register on an intellectual level but also an emotional level. The Drama Ministry puts on a Purim production annually and is expanding to do multiple productions a year and shoot video.  We are always looking for new members and volunteers.

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