December 16, 2023


9:30 am

Come join us for the Shabbat School fall semester, running now through December 16! There is something for everyone, including:

  • New Members Class: The Fall class is no longer open to new enrollees; you may now enroll in the Spring 2024 class. For more information and registration for the Spring semester, click here. Tendremos traducción simultánea al español.
  • Adult Class: Click here for the Fall 2023 schedule.
  • Children’s Classes (ages 18 months thru 9 years): Click here to learn more.
  • Jewish Studies (ages 10 thru 12): Jewish Studies will meet in the Lamed room.  This class is open to all children ages 10 through 12 but is required for students registered in the Children’s B’nei Mitzvah Program.  Click here to learn more.
  • Torah Reading Group: Torah Reading Group is open to all Hebrew School students who are currently enrolled in or have completed Hebrew 1B.