October 14, 2023


1:00 pm

Come join us in the Kitchen Annex and Chaverah Hall Shabbat, October 14, from 1:00pm-4:00pm for OTNC. Unmoderated fellowship will be in the Kitchen Annex; in Chaverah Hall, OTNC will be joining with the Wedding Shower to honor Amanda Jacobs & Colton Sanders. You are welcome to either space. Bring an already-prepared Biblically-kosher* dish to share that is either cold, or is in your own crock-pot. The Commercial Kitchen is not available to prepare or warm up food for potluck events. Main entrée (spinach alfredo cheese tortellini) and side (mixed vegetables, tossed salad, rolls) will be provided. Please consider bringing a salad, cut fruit, or dessert that will serve 10 people and label it OTNC; or, consider a $5 donation to support the cost of the main entrée and hot side.

*See Leviticus 11 for a description of kosher vs. non-kosher foods. Common non-kosher foods include (but are not limited to): catfish, gelatin/marshmallows, pork (bacon/ham), shellfish (crab/lobster/shrimp), etc.

If you have questions, text Betty Keim at 940-368-8480.