Shavuot is traditionally a time to stay up all night and study Adonai’s Word, and this year we are taking it outside! Join us at Cedar Hill State Park on Shabbat, June 4, as we gather together to celebrate the giving of the Word and the Spirit. Cedar Hill State Park is a 35-minute drive southwest of Baruch HaShem.

You may choose to join us for the day or camp overnight. For everyone 13 years or older, there is a $7 entry fee/day for the park unless you have a State Park Pass. If you are joining us for the day(s) only, you do not have to register through BHS.

If you want to stay overnight, we have reserved some camping sites which can accommodate RV’s, campers and tents with a maximum of 8 people per site. Our fee is $15 per site as BHS is covering $10 of the total fee. Registration of the sites only opens at 9:00am on May 17 and closes at 5:30pm on May 28.

You may stay additional nights, but you will have to reserve your dates through the Texas Parks Department personally. Check-in is at 2:00pm on Shabbat, and check-out is at noon for the sites only. You may be in the park early or later those days.

Please know that you will need to bring all of your own supplies (food, water, sunscreen, etc.). There will not be any planned programs or gatherings, just our BHS Family enjoying each other in G-d’s beautiful outdoors.

So, talk to your friends and family to plan your overnight camping! Only one person from your group of up to 8 will need to register all of you. Once you are registered, we will contact you to get more information for the Parks Department.