September 23, 2023


2:00 pm

Messianic T’vilah expresses obedience to the Word of G-d and demonstrates identity with the death, burial, and resurrection of Messiah Yeshua. Our T’vilah Service provides the opportunity for participants to publicly profess their trust in Yeshua.

Plan to attend the T’vilah Service on Shabbat, September 23 from 3:00pm-4:00pm in the courtyard. OTNC Food and Fellowship will begin immediately after Shabbat Service. Come to OTNC and stay for this opportunity to strengthen, encourage and comfort those taking their first steps with the L-rd.

Are you interested in being immersed during our T’vilah Service? If you know of anyone desiring to participate in the service, they can register below, call the office, or pick up a T’vilah brochure from a foyer. You do not need to be a member of BHS to be immersed. For those desiring to be immersed, please meet on Shabbat, September 23, at 2:00pm in the Mem/Nun rooms. We will have a brief teaching about immersion before the T’vilah.

T’vilah brochures are available in English and Spanish. You may complete the registration portion of the brochure, tear it off, and drop it into a Tzedaka Box or at the Office. Or, you may register online below.

Register Here